Kawaii Charms

A resin charm is a hard to the touch item that adds "extra" sparkle to purses, backpacks, notebooks and anything else you can think of!


Delicate Wire Wrapped Necklaces with handmade resin pendents.

Resin Pendents

Resin is all the range in Japan and over the last couple years it has made its way to American crafters!

Epoxy resin can encapsulate just about anything! Some things I like to encapsulate are:

- Dried Flowers, I dry them myself with silica sand. Pick flowers on walks,  from neighbors backyards, parks or get them as gifts!

- Glitter, Alcohol ink. holographic heat transfers (graphics)

Delicate Wire Wrapping

Delicate, hand-made wire wrapped necklaces. I use a few different types of wire but mostly: stainless steel, brass, copper and other coated type wires. These types of wire look delicate but have the endurance to last & be worn daily.

Vintage Chains & Hardware

Antiquing is life! Along my journey there has been some beautiful finds! I find different kinds of chains, connectors, charms, etc. and I find ways to fuse them into my jewelry. By doing this, I can ensure your piece is one of a kind.


Are you an  earrings' girl? Dangle earrings or post earrings? My offerings range from casual fun to elegant earrings! Great for everyday  into night wear!


Bracelets are a favorite for me, I love layering them! Now offering all types! Including: cuff bangle bracelets, charm bracelets, wire wrapped bracelets.


Rings! I make various types of rings. Some are 100% resin and others are on an adjustable steel ban. All rings are a statement piece that will have people asking where you got it from!

Stash Box

Girly stash box! Made of epoxy resin, the lid holds 2 tiger lilies, glitter & pink seashell flakes.


Hair accessories for little girls, boho bride, flower girl, prom, music festival and more!

Offering bobbies and alligator clips with resin enhancements like: moon, stars, hearts and more! 

Smoking Wand

Keep your nails looking fresh! Hand wrapped, unique and one of a kind. Has cute charms, classy beads and a great hand grip.

Roach Clips are a perfect way to keep from burning your fresh nails, acrylic or natural! Also prevents your nails & skin from staining in style and keeps your hands fresh and smelling great!

Roll your own cigarettes? This roach wand will prevent the ash/tobacco from getting in your mouth.



My creative journey started with a bouquet of roses and guided me to a whole other path.

I've been down lots of creative paths but find this one the most fun.

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Located in Metro Detroit, Michigan

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